Ten Healthy Fat Burning Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Ten Healthy Fat Burning Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Most of the fat-burning supplements sold on the market don’t work and many may end up harming you rather than burning fat. The most effective way of burning fat in the body is living an active lifestyle and eating healthy. You need to ensure that your sugar and saturated fat intake are kept to a minimum. When it comes to burning fat that you have already gained, increasing metabolism is the ambition you should have to get it done. Luckily, there are lots of ways to increase metabolism apart from using supplements and exercise. Certain foods cause your metabolism to increase naturally and also help you feel fuller without adding excessive calories and these 10 are top of the list.

Oily Fish

Salmon, herring, mackerel and other oily fish are a vital source of healthy protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are fat-burning agents. It is recommended that you eat at least seven ounces of oily fish in a week to maximize your Omega 3 levels. The fish helps you feel full while the metabolism in your body skyrockets which helps burn fat quickly. Omega 3 also improves your general health by reducing inflammation in your cells and reducing Cortisol, a stress hormone that causes an increase in fat retention. Oily fish is therefore a proven fat-burning agent that also leaves the vital cells in your body healthy including reversing agents that cause deterioration of brain cells.

Green Tea

Green tea doesn’t just improve your mood, it also improves metabolism in your body. A 2008 study published on Pub Med found that taking green tea by healthy men losing weight through cycling accelerated fat burning by up to 17%. It all comes down to caffeine which improves metabolism. Green tea also has an antioxidant called EGCG which is also called the belly-loss antioxidant thanks to its ability to increase fat burning in your cells. You have to combine green tea with regular exercise to get the benefits of improved metabolism.


This is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and yet many people don’t think of it when trying to lose weight. The trick is simple, just take your regular cup of coffee before your workout and watch your body do the rest. Coffee improves your mood and stimulates metabolism which helps you burn more fat when exercising than you would without a stimulant. Overreliance on coffee will hurt you in the long run though because it causes dependence and you may not be able to exercise as effectively without it.

Ten Healthy Fat Burning Foods You Should Include In Your Diet


Forget the myth that nuts increase body fat, nuts actually increase your proteins and help you burn more fat. The same goes for whole grains and seeds such as chia and sunflower. The one nut that was proved to cause up to 50% increased fat burning in people with obesity is almonds. They are considered a fat-burning superfood that also helps repair the effects of inflammation on cells which works the same way as oily fish. The other foods you should include are pumpkin and sunflower seeds which are rich in Magnesium, another fat-burning agent that helps strengthen bones and muscles and burn fat.


Chillies are one spice that doesn’t just add heat to your food; It also packs your body with antioxidants which improve metabolism while reducing inflammation. All peppers contain an active compound known as capsaicin which is a powerful fat-burning agent. The pepper helps improve your metabolism by generally keeping your cells active and burning calories even when you haven’t eaten extra food. Chilli peppers also promote the feeling of fullness which has been discovered to reduce the calories you consume in a day by up to 20%. Another research found that eating peppers helps you burn up to 50 more calories in a day and that number goes up if you maintain your exercise routine.


Eggs are another underrated healthy food that can help you burn fats. A single large egg only carries 74 calories, so you won’t hit 150 with two big eggs. The one thing eggs carry in plenty is Vitamin D which is a fat-burning agent that increases your metabolism. Eggs also digest slowly and keep you feeling fuller for the rest of the day so you end up eating fewer calories which contributes to burning fats. Like other foods on this list, you still need to combine eggs with other healthy sources of fibre such as green vegetables.


Broccoli is a superfood when it comes to leafy greens because it has a huge content of calcium and magnesium. Like Cauliflower and chia seeds, broccoli also activates your metabolism. The more calcium a cell has, the more fat it burns which helps you lose more fat. You are encouraged to steam broccoli for the best effects. Broccoli is also a low-calorie vegetable that is rich in fibre, so it slows the speed of food flowing through your gut allowing you to absorb more healthy nutrients while keeping you feeling full so you eat fewer calories.


There is still lots of research regarding the impacts of avocados on general health but the one conclusion everyone has is that avocados don’t cause increased weight. Avocados have monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are the healthier fats that burn quickly and help your body expel fats and cholesterol. Avocados, therefore, don’t just improve your heart health, they also replace the bad fat in your body with simpler fats that digest easily which helps reduce your weight.

Ten Healthy Fat Burning Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

Greek Yoghurt

This is another one that is often overlooked as people associate yoghurt with sugar and fat. Plain Greek yoghurt actually has more calcium and Vitamins than fat. Plain yoghurt is a fat-burning powerhouse with lots of agents like conjugated linoleic acid, monosaturated fats and calcium all of which have n=been seen to promote fat loss. As discussed earlier, calcium strengthens your bones and also increases the rate of metabolism in your cells contributing to faster burning of fat. Yoghurt also has protein which helps you stay full while reducing the calories you take on. You have to stay away from those flavoured versions of yoghurts which tend to have more sugar than actual nutritional value.

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the one type of olive oil most recommended when it comes to losing weight but it can be rare and expensive sometimes in which case, you can use regular olive oil. Olive oil doesn’t just lower the bad cholesterol in your body, it also increases your metabolism helping your cells burn more fat. Like avocados, olive oil is also rich in monosaturated fats unlike refined oil which means it also helps expel bad fats in your body. Olive oil also reduces your calorie intake by making you feel full which also promotes weight loss.

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