Ten Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Ten Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

One of the basic points when doing diets to lose weight is to try to avoid mistakes that can be counterproductive in the goal of losing weight. This is why it is important to know what are the most common mistakes to avoid when dieting…

Skipping meals

It is the main mistake that some people make when they diet, because eating small portions every three hours makes our metabolism work evenly all day and prevents us from going hungry.

Drink little liquid

Another of the big mistakes is not drinking an abundant amount of liquids during diets, since it is stipulated that we must ingest at least 2.5 litres per day. Let’s keep in mind that not only water counts, since all the infusions, broths and soups that we eat also contain liquid and help to generate a feeling of satiety that decreases hunger.

Abuse of light foods

Although this type of food has fewer calories, it is known that if we abuse them we will also be generating an opposite effect when losing weight, so we should control their intake.

Make sure you eat a lot of vegetables

Vegetables provide a large amount of fibre to the diet with which we feel a feeling of satiety with little calorie intake. This is why it would be a mistake not to eat vegetables during a diet and it is always recommended to start meals with a colourful plate of abundant vegetables.

Skip the collations

The collations fulfil a very important function within the diets, since they conserve the appetite between one meal and the other. In this way, if we skip snacks we will arrive hungrier at the next meal and we will be altering the proportions, generating a negative effect on the diet.

Ten Common Diet Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Eat fast and in a hurry

Eating slowly and deliberately helps to achieve satiety, improve digestion and prevent bloating. The best way to eat is sitting down, concentrating on the plate and without distractions (TV, talking on the phone, etc.) that make us forget the act of eating and rush us.

Skipping breakfast

During the night we spend a large number of hours without eating, so breakfast plays a great role in the diet by levelling blood sugar levels, starting the metabolism and preventing us from reaching lunch hungry. It is therefore very important not to skip breakfast during the diet.

Forbidden foods

Although we are on a diet, prohibiting foods in such an extreme way is counterproductive and decreases adherence to the diet. It is a very important practice to give small tastes (as long as they are scheduled and moderate) on other foods that we like to try different tastes and flavours at least once a week.

Drinking alcohol

Many people take advantage of the weekends to drink alcohol, this being a practice that is not highly recommended since it provides a large number of empty calories of nutrients. Yes, you can drink a glass, but you must avoid doing it in excess during the diet.

Excess salt

Although salt adds flavour to foods, it is known that its excessive consumption increases blood pressure and represents a cardiovascular risk factor. For this reason, we should replace salt with herbs and spices when seasoning meals.

These are the main mistakes made during diets and how to avoid them. Did you know these mistakes during diets? If you do or know of any more do let us know in the comments below.

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