Ten Great Tips to Lose Weight and Burn Some Fat

Ten Great Tips to Lose Weight and Burn Some Fat

As the approaching excitement of the New Year brings resolutions of all kinds to people looking to better themselves and the world around them, we want to try and help those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. As the throngs of people at your local gyms and workout facilities getting’ their sweat on can attest, it’s no easy task to put time and effort into cutting fat. However, a brand new year can bring a brand new you and a brand new you can be a lot easier to achieve with a little help. Listen up as we go through the top ten ways you can cut fat this year

More water please

The easiest and cheapest way to burn fat is to drink water. Give up the sugar-laden drinks like soda and start making water your best friend. A number of studies have found that the more water you drink the higher your metabolic rate will be.

Intensify your workouts

Whether it’s jogging, biking or lifting weights think about taking a pre-workout supplement like Jack3d before head off to exercise. Taking a great supplement to boost your energy levels while working out can help you burn more fat.

Sleeping is more important than you think

Sleeping is more important than you think

The next time you think catching that late night movie marathon is a good idea, think again. Studies have proven that getting about 7 hours of sleep a night is one of the best things you can do for your body shaping goals, so skip the midnight snack and hit the sack.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Eating a healthy low-calorie breakfast is an easy way to boost your metabolic rate and give your body the necessary energy it needs to take on the day.


It’s not just for pumping. Eating the essential amount of iron will help keep your metabolism revved up and will help give your body the sufficient energy it needs to run.

Take up a new sport or activity

It’s a new year so try something new? Finding an activity that challenges you and gets your heart rate moving won’t even feel like exercise, so give it a go!


Snacking can be good for you

Eating smaller, more frequent meals have proven to burn fat faster than eating three larger meals. By feeding your body at more frequent intervals and giving it more to burn, you kick start the fat and calorie-burning process. Try giving up those five course meals and throw a few light snacks into your daily intake.

Hangovers are not the only downside of drinking

An occasional drink every now and then is good. You deserve it! But just remember that alcohol slows down your metabolism by depressing your central nervous system.

Fish for thought

If you are looking for a light dinner after a fulfilling workout, fish is the answer. Salmon has plenty of healthy ingredients that your body needs such as Omega 3s—a “good fat that actually helps to burn fat.

Keep the vitamins coming

Keep the vitamins coming

All vitamins are encouraged but Vitamin C is the best because it lowers stress levels and increases your metabolic rate.

When it comes to dropping weight and sculpting your body, your metabolism plays a central role. It is really important to feed your body with healthy ingredients so that when you put in hard work with your exercise routine, you can see the results that we are looking for. Staying active and eating healthy go hand in hand, so try some of the aforementioned tips to turn this New Year into one of the best of your life.

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