The Low-Calorie Foods You Can’t Resist Eating

Eating the best foods does not mean that you will need to consume a lot of calories. The foods and diets I am going to share with you on this list are low on calories but without any compromise on taste. In fact, you are going to crave these foods once you realize their true worth. One thing is important to note here that although junk food might be of appeal to us, it has nothing good to do to our health. You might have heard the words that the best thing one can have in life is health. For this reason, you should be really choosy and careful in terms of the foods you consume. With this said, here are the 10 foods you can’t resist eating.

The Low-Calorie Foods You Can’t Resist Eating


Always prefer to consume beans in optimal amounts on a daily basis. A cup contains around 200 calories which is not something that can be classified as too much.


If you do not wish to eat yoghurt separately, you can always try it by adding in some food. In addition to having a rich presence of pantothenic acid, it also contains vitamin B2 and a lot more. Moreover, it is also suitable for those who suffer from varying forms of calcium deficiencies.

Beef Liver

Best suited for those who suffer from kidney-related diseases, Beef Liver is one of the top recommendations by doctors. However, you should be careful in terms of the amounts of this food which you consume.



It contains around 157 calories in every 3 ounces. The nutrients it contains include vitamin b12, niacin, potassium and a lot more.


It contains about 15 calories in terms of a single cup. Moreover, it is rich in terms of having biotin, chromium and many other useful nutrients.


Not a daily-based diet, but still quite useful for a number of people. As mentioned above, one should always be careful in terms of the specific amounts of these foods. Consuming too little or a lot can cause some health-related problems.

Soy Beans

Soy Beans

The nutrients they contain include: phosphorous, magnesium, iron and many more. It is best suited for those who exercise a lot. Yes, it is not the best food when it comes to exercising and weight training, but still, it is recommended.


It is one of the best and most liked foods among seafood lovers. In fact, you should be vigilant in consuming them on a more regular basis than usual.


It will not give an unlimited amount of strength, but it can definitely improve your health. In addition to having calcium, it contains significant amounts of iron and magnesium.



Some of you might not be into this food, but still, you will need to consume it at one time or the other. The idea here is to try all foods in optimal foods instead of sticking to some specific foods. No matter which nutritionist you might consult, all of them are going to recommend that you consume all sorts of foods.

Do you have any recipes for these ten foods? Do you know of any other foods that should have made this list? If you do why not tell us about them in the comments below. 

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