Ten Negative Ways Binge Eating Affects Your Whole Body

Most people have over-eaten or binge eaten at least once in their lives and for many of us, it is a regular occurrence. But many of us have also questioned what this binge-eating might be doing to our bodies. Sure, we know it is bad for us, but just how bad is it? The truth is over-indulging in food on the odd occasion isn’t really a cause for great concern, but that doesn’t stop it from affecting your body. Here are ten things that happen when you binge eat even once in a while…


We all know bloating occurs in your stomach when you overeat, but what is really happening inside? It is caused by a build-up of air and/or gases and for most people, this will mean an uncomfortable feeling, but for some people, it can be much worse. Some will feel breathless and in mild pain as it can cause swelling that is caused by the lungs not having enough space to let you breathe normally.


This is a side-effect of bloating again caused by the stomach being full of food. But heartburn isn’t all that bad is it? Well, occasional heartburn is pretty common and no cause for alarm, but if you start to get it constantly you might want to seek medical care, especially if it is causing you to vomit.

Ten Negative Ways Binge Eating Affects Your Whole Body

Hormonal Changes

Overindulging in food can’t really cause hormonal changes, can it? What is happening here is caused by the sugar in that food you consumed, so let’s say you munched a whole packet of biscuits. That amount of sugar will trigger a sharp rise in insulin and this, in turn, can result in fluctuating energy levels making you feel bloated and tired much like hormonal changes do. Hormonal changes can also cause glands to behave abnormally which in turn can bring changes to the body. Such as gynecomastia in men and facial hair growth in women (which can be eliminated by taking the help of Semper Laser Hair Removal Services or other such hair removal clinics). Therefore controlling the amount of fat and sugar intake can be necessary.

Weight Gain

This isn’t rocket science, binge eating is always going to cause weight gain no matter what you eat. But depending on what you binge ate it can sit in your stomach for up to 7 days which in turn will make you feel worse and for many it can cause a break in their exercise habits causing even more weight gain.

Poor Mental Health

Once upon a time, this would have been seen as a myth, but of course, modern data tells us it is true. Binge eating makes us feel bad and this in turn often makes us beat ourselves up about it making a spiralling effect in mental health deterioration. Many people reported still feeling bad about their overeating weeks, months and even years after they did it!

Hair Loss

While most people won’t experience total hair loss from overindulging in foods, binge-eating of any kind of food can result in your hair becoming brittle and falling out. Thinning can be a real cause of concern which can then affect your mental health which then, in turn, might well cause more over-eating! Anyway, if the hair loss persists, you may want to research a bit about neograft hair transplant cost and save up to get similar procedures done.

As said earlier, hair loss is something that may indirectly affect your sanity. You might feel underconfident and doubt your own existence, which might further increase the chances of experiencing an inferiority complex. That is why it might be a good idea to learn everything about the hair restoration process and get it done as soon as possible.


Here is a lesser-known side effect of over-eating and that is feeling empty. If you are trying your best to count calories and stay healthy you might notice you feel even more hungry the night after you have been binge eating. This is because your brain is telling you those adequate portion sizes of fruits and vegetables are simply not enough when compared to what they once were and what you once ate.

Ten Negative Ways Binge Eating Affects Your Whole Body

Ageing Skin

There are two ways binge eating will affect the skin. The first is stretching it from all the bloating and the 2nd is making it dry and ageing especially if you regularly exercise because binge-eating often means consumption of the wrong kinds of foods meaning they have no nutritional value making your body get moisture from other parts of your body like the skin.


A recent study suggested that many patients with chronic osteoporosis are prone to binge eating foods. If you aren’t already aware, osteoporosis causes the bones to become weak and brittle. Even the smallest movement can cause a fracture, and it can be painful for the affected individual too. Because of the painful symptoms, many decide to turn to the best CBD oil UK brands and use their products in order to relieve any of the pain and discomfort they may be experiencing. If their osteoporosis worsens, it could lead to them needing additional therapy, and in some cases, surgery to prevent further bone loss.

Binge Eating Causes More Binge Eating

And we finish on what might well be the worst effect of them all and that is further binge eating. Many of us know the feeling, we try to be good all year then have one bad day and it all goes to crap, so what is the point in trying to carry on? Why not do it again! (and many of us do). The point is to chalk it up to one bad day, one bad moment when you have been good for so long.

As you can see there are many ways binge-eating affects the body and mind that you might not have known. If you have any stories relating to overindulging in food do let us know in the comments below.

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