Ten of The Worst Soft Drinks for Human Health

Ten of The Worst Soft Drinks for Human Health
Soft drinks are loved to be drunk around the entire globe. All age groups from kids to youth to oldies, would love to drink them up. The reason behind this is the sugary cold taste, which attracts people towards them. There are reports that Americans drink soft drinks more than any other nation in the world. They consume more than 600 12-oz. soft drinks a year. Males consume them more than females and the age groups of 12 to 29 are the ones who heavily consume soft drinks more than others. There are many health damages that occur due to the heavy consumption of soft drinks like tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and osteoporosis. Check out the top 10 drinks which are worst for your health.

A & W Cream Soda

You should understand that a can (12-oz.) of this soda contains around 46 g of sugar and 29 mg of caffeine. Besides, it is reported that per ounce, A&W; Cream Soda carries around 3.83 g of sugar. This all is really much worse for human health.

Coca Cola Classic

Undoubtedly and certainly, it is not healthy at all for your health though comparatively the market is filled with a number of other soft drinks carrying more sugar and caffeine than Coca-Cola Classic. This soft drink has been placed on the list because the trend of soft drinks probably had been started by them.

Rockstar Original

Rockstar OriginalThe reports reveal that one can of 16-oz of Rockstar Original consists of 62 g of sugar and 151 mg of caffeine. This energy drink consists of Vitamins B and herbals, nonetheless, the higher levels of sugar and caffeine cancel out/deny the health benefits.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is called the worst drink for human health. It is reported that a can of 12 oz. contains around 47 g of corn syrup and 54 mg of caffeine and as per the reports, both are much higher than the Coke products. Outside the U.S., there are many countries where Mountain Dew is devoid of any caffeine.

Sunkist Orange Soda

At number six is Sunkist Orange Soda which is also worst for the health. The can of 12 oz. of Sunkist Orange Soda is swathed with around 41 mg of caffeine besides containing 52 grams of corn syrup. Although the name depicts as if the drink contains real orange juice, but in actuality, there is no orange juice.

Ten of The Worst Soft Drinks for Human Health

Bawls Geek Beer

This one is a 16 oz can of Beer and is also called a carbonated energy drink which contains around 72 gram of sugar. Stay away from the bad health effects of the soft drink.

Jolt Cola

Jolt ColaThis soft drink is available in 23.5-oz. cans – that is called the second biggest one in the industry. It is called that a can of Jolt contains around 280 mg of caffeine plus around 94 g of sugar. It is also reported that Jolt Cola carries more than twice the amount of caffeine in an ounce than its rival product Coke Classic.


This energy or soft drink is made by GlaxoSmithKline, a renowned pharmaceutical company. 13-oz. bottle of the soft drink carries around 46 mg of caffeine plus 68 g of sugar. It is also reported that per ounce, this soft drink contains approx 5.26 g of sugar which appears to be quite higher than the other soft drinks in the market.

Rockstar Punched Guava

The bottle of Rockstar Punched Guava, 22-oz, carries around 330 mg of caffeine and it is called the much higher amount of caffeine than any other soft drinks in the market. This is why it appears to be damaging for the health. Total sugar contained by this drink is around 102 g.

Hype Energy Drink

The super worst soft drink for health is Hype Energy Drink. It is called a carbonated soft drink which contains 160mg of caffeine in a can of 16 oz. The sugar in the drink is derived utterly from the higher fructose corn syrup.

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