Ten Helpful Apps Every Vegan/Vegetarian Should Have

Ten Helpful Apps Every Vegan/Vegetarian Should Have

There are millions of vegans and vegetarians in the world now and with the bigger community comes a bigger database with more information. You, therefore, don’t need to suffer in silence when travelling, eating out or even trying to figure out a veggie recipe for your next meal. Veggie-themed apps can make life easy when you get the right ones. You don’t have to install everything that says vegan/vegetarian on your phone, just a few with high ratings that offer real solutions to problems you may have. You can start with the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart if you are starting your plant-based journey to get meal plans and recipes to start you off. The other apps named here will offer solutions for most of the obstacles every vegan and vegetarian faces in their daily lives.

Before you get into these apps, however, consider securing your phone first. All of these apps are generally safe, but the sources you get them from might not always be. Taking some time out to do a static and dynamic analysis of your phone’s security system might mean the difference between having all your data and losing it. If you’re so conscious about what you put in your body, shouldn’t you give the same consideration to what you download on your phone? After all, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.


You currently need to pay $3.99 for the app on both android and iPhone but after installing it, you will realize it is worth every penny. The app allows you to track vegan-friendly businesses around the world with translations for over 180 languages. The app allows you to plan your travel by including the reviews for vegan-friendly omnivorous restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks, farmers’ markets and even coffee shops in an area.

The ratings also include reviews and images posted by fellow vegans and vegetarians whom you can connect with. It is easy to conduct a whole reconnaissance of a place before you go there on the app and make enough friends help with your stay. The app also allows you to filter your preferences so you can also choose vegan-friendly Airbnbs and hotels by choosing an area with the best vegan take-out and food delivery services.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart

This app was developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to help new vegans and vegetarians with their day-to-day meal planning. It is still suitable for anyone that intends to do a plant-based meal plan and is short of recipes or ideas for customizing meal plans. The recipes have demonstrations and photos to guide with preparation and good dietitians even include the nutritional information of each recipe. The collection of recipes from around the world keeps increasing as more vegans drop tips and additions but all of them are verified by experts. The best thing about the app is that it is free to use and even seasoned vegans will appreciate its resourcefulness.


This is another free app that helps upcoming and seasoned vegans get their drinks right by offering information on more than one million beverages. It is easy to assume that a certain beverage is vegan just because of the listed ingredients but many of them include unlabeled animal products. This app helps you certify each drink with the wine scanner allowing you to sift through any wine you may find. It also includes ratings for the taste of each vegan-labelled beverage so you can choose the best vegan drinks without compromising your dietary preferences.


This is not a vegan app but it will help you customize your grocery shopping to your dietary presence especially when you are practising plant-based living. You need to create your own profile including allergies. You can choose whether you are a vegan or vegetarian and then the app will recommend the products that actually match your profile. When you go shopping and aren’t sure whether something falls into your profile, you only need to scan the barcode and the app will tell you how suited it is to your profile. The app is also free and bases results on the data from hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It is also great when you are moving to a new place and don’t know what to get at the store.

abillion-Vegan Made Easy

This app focuses on more than just vegan recipes and restaurant reviews. It is all about making the life of a vegan easy in a world where most people aren’t vegan so you can get your vegan lunch in a steakhouse and also buy a vegan handbag in House of Leather. The app connects vegans from around the globe and rewards them to review vegan foods and products they use allowing you to form an opinion based on their experiences. It also has a reward system where users are given $1 for every review they make, money which is further donated to sustainable living causes. The theme of the app is to influence a more sustainable world by forcing large companies to favour vegan consumers.

Ten Helpful Apps Every Vegan/Vegetarian Should Have

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon, New York Times Bestselling-cookbook author is also the author of the Ohsheglows.com blog. The blog features recipes and nutritional information for 160+ vegan and vegetarian recipes that you can use. You can filter your searches to suit the taste and nutritional profile you need and filter it further to your region and the season to get you the most available ingredients. You have to pay $2 for iPhone and $2.49 for Android to use the app which is a bit on the higher side but the app has reliable resources and it is super easy to customize and use.

Veggie Alternatives

This is another free app that both new and seasoned vegans find resourceful. The app focuses on offering vegan alternatives to most widely relied-on animal products such as milk, eggs and bacon. The app also hosts forums that allow you to chat with like-minded people on the most vital topics to vegans. You get the pricing and the nutritional information for over 300 vegan alternatives that you can include in your daily recipes.

Is It Vegan?

Even the most seasoned vegans find it hard to pick new items off shelves and choose new recipes because they are not sure whether the labelled items are really vegan. This app works in almost the same way as ShopWell but with a sterner focus on plant-based living so scanning the barcode won’t just give you estimates. The app will tell you whether a certain product is vegan or vegetarian and also give you popular vegan and vegetarian products from top brands. It is a good shopping aid, especially when moving to a new place and it is also free to use.

Food Monster

Currently, the app is only available for iPhone but it has over 15,000 recipes that you could rely on. While it is free to download, you have to purchase most of the important resources in the app but you will love it. The app was developed by One Green Planet and has risen to the top for plant-based lifestyle thanks to the easy-to-use interface, clear images and nutritional information on each recipe. It gets around 40 new recipes per week with each recipe allowing you to bypass ingredients and use plant-based products instead. It is one of the most resourceful apps for plant-based living with a solution to almost every ingredient you may need.

Green Chef-Healthy Recipes

Not every food labelled as Vegan or Vegetarian is necessarily healthy and going vegan doesn’t mean that all other dietary ambitions such as keto, low cab and gluten-free stop being important. Green chef is the bridge between going vegan and staying healthy as it allows you to calculate the efficiency of thousands of recipes to a meal plan. You can also order ingredients in the app and have them delivered to your doorstep which makes it a great resource. The app was developed by the Green Chef Corporation and it is free to install and use.

Do you know of any other vegan or vegetarian apps worth downloading? Do let us know in the comments below.

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