Ten Foods That Make You Pass More Wind Than You Should

While farting (The Bottom Burp, Butt bazooka, Duck call, Rump ripper) is a natural byproduct of a healthy digestive system there are certain foods that cause you to do it more. While I can’t guarantee you will stop farting all together, cutting down on these ten types of foods should help it happen less…



This isn’t just the common “toot fruit” they call baked beans, this is all beans! It’s the soluble fibre they are made from that makes you so a Tushy tickler because it can’t be absorbed in our small intestine during digestion.

Brussel Sprouts

Once again a lot of this is down to the high amount of fibre they contain. But steaming these tasty little baby cabbages can help make them easier to digest. It won’t stop you Splitting the seam on your underpants but it might make them smell a little less.

Fruit Juice

While some are nothing but pure fruit juice and surprisingly healthy, sadly not all of them are that pure or good for you. Most bottled fruit juice contains sorbitol which does cause your body to produce more gas when ingested.

All Dairy Products

Sadly this includes milk, cheese and even ice cream! The reason is they all contain a sugar called lactose which is difficult for your digestive tract to process and sadly this means extra Mice on a Motorcycle.


While this might seem like I am picking on the pear it does contain a high level of fibre like most fruits do, but when it comes to making your body produce more gas the pear is one of the worse offenders.


No! Not humble Pasta, he has been a family friend for years, but he does contain very high in carbohydrates which can cause some people to have high than normal levels of Poop gophers! Those lovely little pant rodents get everywhere!


Just the mere sight of an Artichoke makes me do a Power puff, but apparently, there is a reason why they make people have so much wind. The reason is a type of sugar called raffinose which doesn’t break down until reaching the small intestine and this is also what causes people to have gas.


Much like the artichoke before it, onions are also high in fructans which us humans sadly lack the necessary enzyme to break down. And because you are not fully able to digest them, they come out a different way…in gas form!

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy pop like soda, Dr Pepper, Tango, Coke-Cola and Pepsi are well known to make people burp, but for some people, it also means an awful lot of bottom burps! In fact, anything carbonated can make people do more rump rippers than they might have normally.


Just when you thought it was safe to chow down on a bowl of porridge eh! This one is again down to that evil stale wind causing fibre. But the good news is the slower you eat it, the less gas you get! Going on the number of times I do a trouser cough I need to slow down my eating significantly!

Is there one particular food or drink that makes you do more sphincter whistles than you normally do? Let me know in the comments below!

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