Ten Spices and Herbs That Work Perfectly with Fish

Ten Spices and Herbs That Work Perfectly with Fish

The oily, the muddy, the delicate and the sweet, all kinds of fish are awesome as long as you prepare them right. Fish can be a little strong, especially when trying a species for the first time but if it is prepared well and seasoned by an expert, you will be sure to lick your finger. Now, you can go the hard way of adding more sugar, salt and all those ready-made seasonings from the store or just go natural with spices and herbs that will bring out the real taste of your fish. These herbs and spices are also loaded with lots of health benefits that will make you wanna make more fish.


Ginger contains gingerol which packs most of the medicinal benefits of the root from improving your digestion to regulating your heart rate. It also happens to be one of the most readily available spices in the world and also one of the healthiest. Many people prefer ginger-lemon fish but it still works perfectly if you are using mint, sage, lemons or pepper. Ginger goes perfectly with most firm white fish such as cod but you can also use it on oily fish. You need to grind and use it in small quantities so that you don’t eliminate the flavour.


Dill is another herb that has lots of health benefits including regulating blood pressure, helping with insomnia and reducing symptoms of osteoporosis. Dill is another herb you can get with ease and gives a slight punch to the delicate taste of fish creating a warm balance that most people enjoy. You can also pair dill with almost any other herbs and spices as long as they are not too hot as that will muffle the impact of dill. You can use it with salmon, tilapia, mahimahi among other oily or delicate fish and seafood.


You can use parsley as a garnish for any dish you love and that extends to your favourite fish. The herb doesn’t give it too much heat or flavour which is why even people that hate spices can accommodate parsley. Vitamin A, K and C are all richly supplied by parsley’s delicate leaves and all you need is a few leaves enough to give a taste to your savoury fish stew. You can also use parsley when grilling. Roasting or frying. It is best to combine it with onions, a little garlic and tomatoes and make sure you go soft on the salt and pepper so that the flavour goes deep.



Choline and folate are essential for a healthy brain and for proper oxygen circulation in the body and raw chives have them in plenty. Those oniony leaves also pack Vitamin K and other valuable antioxidants that your body could really use. When it comes to fish, the firm whites and most fillets agree with it perfectly. Chives have a milder taste than other alliums tasting anywhere between garlic and onions and will make a great garnish.


Want a taste of some golden East-Asian fish? Well, just half a tablespoon of turmeric and a little oil, pepper, onions, garlic and some lemon, tomatoes and lemon for garnish will get you there. The golden colour that comes by after frying, baking or grilling fish with turmeric is hard to explain. Turmeric also brings some serious health benefits including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

Black Pepper

Marinated fish tastes great and nothing makes it better than pepper and to be specific, black pepper which adds a delicate heat to your fillets that make you want to eat more. You can add gee pepper to your garnish but black pepper powder makes a great marinade for all types of fish and seafood. You can use it alongside turmeric, chives and lemon.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is another herb that gives a sweet scent to delicate fish and is also great for soups. Bay leaves have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that help keep you healthy while making your food taste sweeter and less strong. Bay leaves are great for salmon, cod and tilapia as well as chowders and soups.



Now to a little Mediterranean treat that will give you the best golden fish if you get your recipe right. Cardamom season whole fish and fillets perfectly and brings out a golden finish and taste that will appeal to any fish lover. It is also perfect with any type of firm white fish and can be used for baked, grilled or fried fish.

Lemon Balm

Now lemons are great will all kinds of fish but many recipes tend to favour it with white fish. You can use it to marinate or just have some slices on your plate as you serve your fish. If you want a milder but even better lemon taste on your plate, then the lemon balm will be a great way to start. You can chop the leaves up with onions and other vegetables you use for your garnish or even cook them with the fish for a deeper flavour.


Want to ease joint pains, wade off infections and burn extra cholesterol while enjoying your fish? Then a few leaves of basil will help you. You can use different varieties of basil on any fish that you like as a garnish or bake, fry or simmer it with your fish. You can also combine basil with lemon, lemon butter, onions and garlic and the taste will be warm but still pleasant.

Do you know of any other herbs and spices that go well with fish? Why not tell us about them in the comments below.

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