Ten of The World’s Most Followed and Most Popular Diets

Ten of The World's Most Followed and Most Popular Diets

In order to achieve a healthy and fit body, which is everyone’s dream, there are some basic rules that we must apply in our lives. These basic rules include eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from negative psychological factors as much as possible. The issue of health and nutrition, which is among the items we have mentioned, is in the first place in terms of its importance. If we do not have a healthy eating habits, our body can take forms we do not want or we can get many diseases. In particular, the number one cause of excess weight is an unhealthy diet. Until today, you do not attach importance to the issue of health and nutrition and when you are in trouble with excess weight, you are looking for the solution in diets, as everyone does. You may not be quite sure how to choose and apply. In such a case, getting help from a professional dietitian would be the best course of action. Our aim is to give a list of the world’s most popular diets in our article and let you decide which one suits you…

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet, which is at the top of our list, is a diet based on low carbohydrate high protein consumption, developed by the French Doctor Pierre Dukan.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet, number 2 on our list, was developed by American Physicist and Cardiologist Robert Atkins. The Atkins Diet is based on low carbohydrate consumption.

The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge Diet was developed by Dr. Developed by Alan Howard. The diet came to its final form in October 2010 as a result of the studies carried out at Cambridge University.
Ten of The World's Most Followed and Most Popular Diets

South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is a low-fat diet designed by Cardiologist Arthur Agatston and Dietitian Marie Almon.

Slimming World Diet

The Slimming World diet is a diet based on replacing high-fat foods with more natural and low-fat foods.

Slim-Fast Diet

The Slim-Fast diet is a diet based on consuming low-calorie foods and is recommended for those with a body mass index of 25 and above.

LighterLife Diet

The LighterLife diet is a diet based on the weekly consumption of very low-calorie foods under the guidance of a dietitian.

WeightWatchers Diet

The WeightWatchers diet is a diet called the ProPoints system, based on balanced consumption of foods and beverages containing protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre. The most important feature of the WeightWatchers diet is that unlimited fruits and vegetables can be consumed during the diet.

Ten of The World's Most Followed and Most Popular Diets

The Rosemary Conley Diet

The Rosemary Conley diet is a diet based on the consumption of low-fat and low-glycemic index foods, accompanied by regular exercise.

The Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenney Craig diet is a diet with three main factors. The first of these factors is the implementation of the diet under the control of a dietitian, the second is the regular determination of the foods to be consumed by the dietitian, and the third is the application of the determined special exercises.

Have you tried any of these diets? Do you have one that worked for you? If so why not let us know in the comments below.

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