Ten Facts About Carbohydrates You Might Not Know

Ten Facts About Carbohydrates You Might Not Know

To put it simply carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body or more complicatedly they are something mostly consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. But don’t let the jargon scare you into gaining more knowledge of what they are. Here are ten facts about Carbohydrates that you might not know…

Carbohydrates Have 4 Chemical Groupings

Those 4 groups are then mostly divided into two parts, the first are monosaccharides and disaccharides which is simple carbohydrates often referred to as sugars, then the other two are oligosaccharides and polysaccharides which are both classes as complex carbohydrates.

It’s Your Bodies Fuel!

Most people know that carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy of which we call calories and most people of course also know that they are a key fuel source for exercise and sport.

Not All Carbohydrates Are The Same

It is indeed true that not all carbohydrates are like. Man-made refined carbs act differently when inside our bodies compared with more natural complex carbs that are much better for you.

Low Levels of Carbohydrates Are OK as Well

Don’t worry about trying to digest a large number of Carbohydrates as even very low levels of carbs are OK as well because our bodies can convert proteins into carbohydrates.

There is no Such Thing as Carb-Free-Food

Before someone throws a stick of celery at me, celery contains 2g of carbs per stalk and yes even milk does. Even if something was ‘Carb-Free’ it would have been made in a lab and probably inedible.

Ten Facts About Carbohydrates You Might Not Know

Carbs = Brains

While Carbohydrates are not going to help your brain grow they do help your body’s blood-glucose levels which in turns helps the blood flow around your brain making it work harder and faster.

Fiber is Also a Carbohydrate

OK, so it only technically is, but it is made up of long chains of sugars making it technically a complex carbohydrate! Just one that your body can’t digest.

Carbs Are Carbs

I have good news for those who like sweets, cakes, and cookies as even those are good for getting in the carbohydrates your body needs when in a pinch. It’s just they will result in weight gain if consumed too often, so don’t feel guilty about enjoying them.

Carbohydrates Help Beat Covid

OK, so it’s no miracle cure, but it does act as an immunity booster and studies show those with high levels of carbs in their bodies were 65% less likely to show symptoms when they caught Covid!

It’s All in The Name

The word “Carbohydrates” tells you exactly what it is made of. “Carbo” means carbon and “hydrate” means water–H20 which translates as hydrogen and oxygen of which it is made of!

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